1. Do not take my dollz and claim them as your own, enter them in contests, edited or not. Instead you can adopt them and provide a link (the doll, a banner or textlink) to my site. I would really appreciate it if you put a link back to my site. Refer your links to: http://lnoakes.com/lenny'sdollworld.html
You can use this adoption banner when you adopt dolls, but a text link is fine too:

2. Do not ask permission to reproduce the basebodies on your own website.
3. Do not use my bases in a drag 'n' drop dollmaker. My purpose of giving out the basebodies is to stimulate creativity, to let people draw clothes on the basebodies, to let them use their imagination.
4. Do not direct link to my dollz. Direct linking means you are using my bandwidth which costs money. Please load the images to your own server or website directory.
5. Do not request dolls please. Sorry, I don't have time for that right now. Maybe in the future.
6. Do not alter, change, colorize, resize or modify any of my original dolls. But you can always use the basebodies.
1. Please do use the basebodies to make your own dollies.
2. Do adopt dolls, but please place a link back to my site.