Lenny's Cyber World Welcome

Well I am finally doing it!! Putting up a page on who I am.

Birthdate: 08/30/1955

Birthplace: Sault Ste. Marie, MI This is the 3rd oldest city in the US. When I was in 7th grade the City had it's 300th birthday. It was an interesting place to grow up as it is basically the middle of no where. The Closest big City is in another Country, Canada. There are Miles of basically unpatrolled boarders. It was an area Where many of roaring 20'as gangsters would run the booze from Canada into the US, Now they import other things which people do not talk about but it is there. 18 miles from the Sault in a little town called Brimley is the grave of "Baby face Nelson". The Sault is in the UP or Upper Peninsula of MI. It is a very beautiful area and is known as God's Country and any one who has visited knows why. I still live in the UP but in the middle southern area on the land lock side. Even though I live in town you can walk out of the house and you may see a deer or two walking down the street. Bear sightings have been known too but a rare sight now they got ride of the dump. The UP is also known for its UFO sightings and yes they are documented sightings and not just hallucinations of the drunk. Never had an encounter myself but would not mind.

Education: I graduated High School with honors in 1973. Being the frugal person that my mom was I also went to college in the Sault. See we lived a mile from Lake Superior State College now a University so mom could not see wasting money by sending me away to school. I was becoming a permanent student when I finely graduated in 1979 with an associate degree in Nursing. I switched Majors 3 time. If I had it to do over again and had been born a few years later I would have went into Computer Science.

Love Life: I had only a couple of major loves in my life. My first played some real mind games with me but partly because I had low self esteem related to clinical depression, which was not diagnosed for another 20 yrs. The 2nd love of my life I met in college and married. This relationship ended in divorce after 22 years of marriage and 2 children. My depression took a toll on this relationship plus that fact that he turned out to be someone totally different then who I married. Three good things came out of this relationship.
1. I was diagnosed with Depression and got treatment, which has totally changed my life.
2. Beth and
3. Amy.

I am now at a place in my life where I am finally comfortable with who I am and have a couple of the best male friends I could ever wish for. One lives half way across the country but always seems to be there when I need him most, if not in body at least as mental support. And the other may be 13 years younger but is my bestfriend and companion. When my life took a drastic change 4 years ago he was willing to move into my home to take care of it. That you say is no hardship on his part but what you are missing is the fact that he was at that time going to have to putting up with two girls 21 and 19. All this from a man who never wanted children. You think that this would be a man's fantasy, to live to 2 young beautiful women well think again. One of them suffers from clinical depression and says she does not need to take her medication (she real does need to) and the other is a little premadona (will not cook or clean). So yes the man has the patients of a saint.

Pets: Over the years I have had cats and dogs. The girls have had rats, rabbits, fish and mice. We have lost a few close family pets. At this time we have 3 cats - Mikey, Isaac and Tequila, 1 dog - my traveling companion Harley. We have also had a few stray humans that come and go. My Senegal parrot passed away Several years ago and is greatly missed.

Job: At the time when my Compainion moved in I became a traveling RN hence the need to have someone house sit. It was a very interesting job as you are never in one place long enough to get board. I did this line of work for about 4 years. Most of my jobs have been in WI but am not apposed to going else where as one of my goals is to have been in all 50 states before I die. I did get to work in Washington State Arizona and Minnesota. I am now home and working a Nursing home as this is the only area that does not have a nursing shortage thus hard to find an hospital job.

Goals: One is stated above. My major one is to go to Australia and hold a Koala. The Koala is my favorite animal. I would love to know what God was thinking when he created this little creature or was it brought here from some alien would, we may never know. I would like to earn a degree in Computer science or Graphic Design but with all I would still like to accomplish in my life who knows.

Interests: I spend a lot of time reading or listening to books on tape. My main interests are Science Fiction and Theology. Books on tape are a great way to spend travel time in a motor vehicle. I never seem to be able to read a whole fantasy novel but with books on tape I am enjoying them. I am a strange female as I can not stand romance novels. Yes I have tried but they are totally ridiculous. I also like spending time on my computer and discovered PSP back around version 4 or 5. I also have done some work in Paint shop but always go back to PSP. I want to try doing some work in Poser and have done some character work for The Sims but am still learning. I love camping as I love the outdoors. Nothing like enjoying an evening around a bonfire with good company or a good book. Harley loves to go camping too. When I say camping I do not mean pulling your home with you. One weekends we will take the tent and for longer periods it is a pop-up. Went to the pop-up because when I go camping it always rains and I do not mean a nice rain either. Usually it is blow the tent away or float the tent away rain. Teenagers in a small tent in a rainstorm is not a healthy setting. The pop-up became a practical solution to the problem, more room and more protection. As a child up till 10th grade I figure skated. Even passed my 2nd test in figures and my preliminary in Dance. Have taught off and on over the years. I think I will always enjoy skating.

Beliefs: I was brought up as an Episcopalian and choose as a teenager to be a Christian and read the new testament without being forst. Have been interested in Theology for many years and not just Christian. I have now started studying a new path known as Christian Wicca. Contradictory you say, not really. What most do not realize is that many of the Christian beliefs have some basis in pagan beliefs. Wicca is not the worship of the Devil but the worship of nature and harmony. Wicca like Christianity is based on Love. I do not believe in worshiping the Dark side, the devil or any part of the Satanic belief. We need to live in piece and harmony with the earth and with the human race or we will not survive as a spices and will most likely wipe out the world in the processes. God who ever you believe he or she is, gave us a brain for a reason and I don't think it was so we could figure out how destroy ourselves and everything around us. I have tried for a very long time to Love and not hate. It was my belief in God that kept me alive in the darkest moments of my depression. If it had not been for my belief in God and the practice of Christianity I would have surely killed myself. I had the plan and was deep enough in the depression to do it. But when it came right down to it I would like "I am miserable now I do not want to spend eternity in pain." God is there for me but I do not look down on people who have different beliefs.

Health: I have Clinical Depression, it is not a pleasant ailment to suffer from. For years it has been labeled as a metal illness. It is a chemical imbalance in the brain that needs to be treated with medication. Counseling helps but you have to take your medication or medications. I have been very lucky as the first medication they tried worked and has continued to work. I also suffer from IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), GERD (Acid reflux), Chronic UTI's, Acne Rossa and now Fibromeliga. I have form the time I was a baby suffered from sever allergies. Allergy shots helped for many years but they are now getting bad again so I may have to go back for another serious of allergy injections, oh what fun. Yes I sound like a walking disaster but I do not let it ruin my life. I live my life to the fullest in spite of my problems. To top it all off I have had to wear glasses since grade school. Wore contacts for years but now I have to wear bifocals. Found I can still wear contacts again by going what they call Unifocal method, far in right eye near in left. Have thought about Lasis surgery but have not decide if I want to go that rout yet.

Up date: Beth now 28 bought a trailler and moved out and has been maired 2 years. Amy now 26 moved out and is giving it a try on her own. Amy became a home owner a year ago and lives with her boyfirend. I got married August 11th 2007.

Amy is going to be a Mom and I am thrilled I will be a Grandma. Mikey has to be put to sleep. He had a blood clot that caused is back end to become parallized. Issac went out hunting and never came home. We another animal got him. we now we have a fox in the area, a cougar as been spotted too and we have owls. The hardest is not knowing what happened to him. Beth is starting her own photography bussiness. We bought an old camper to go camping with as it is easier to just take off and go. It is always packed and ready except for food and our clothes.

AKA Lenny